M.I.S Furniture

Based out of Los Angeles, California since 2017, we sell high quality home and office furniture, including desks, chairs, and LED lamps. Our unique network of resources allows us to offer high quality home and office furniture at lower prices than many competitors who have been selling home and office furniture for years! Because we’re primarily online, we can pass on huge savings to our customers, instead of trying to cover the cost of office space in Los Angeles. After all, a storefront for home and office furniture in LA isn’t cheap, and we’re all about saving you money. At the same time, our location is part of what allows us to efficiently access our unique resource network, helping us bring you rock-bottom prices on our selection of chairs, desks, and LED lamps.

We work with Korean designers to provide unique chair, desk, and LED lamp designs that appeal to a wide range of tastes. We work hard to come up with products that are stylish, affordable, and suitable for anyone – from the discerning manager looking to renovate the chairs, desks, or lamps in the office to the family just looking for functional and affordable home furniture. We take pride in offering some of the highest quality chairs, desks, and LED lamps on the market that are also extremely affordable, and we’re excited to bring you quality, affordable home and office furniture. Even if you’re needing to renovate your entire suite of home or office furniture, we’re sure our designs will inspire you, and keep your wallet happy, too.
Make It SImple, furniture store in Los Angeles, Shipping to state wild
Make It SImple, furniture store in Los Angeles, Shipping to state wild
EAZLIFE Computer Desk White
Make It SImple, furniture store in Los Angeles, Shipping to state wild

Why Us?

The only thing we’re more serious about than home and office furniture is customer service. We know there are other places to buy your chairs, desks, and LED lamps – but once you’ve experienced our service, you won’t want to. Every single chair, desk, or lamp ordered from us is inspected before being shipped out, so you can be sure your home or office will be able to sport your new chair, desk, or LED lamp the same day our package arrives on your doorstep. Go ahead and get rid of that old home and office furniture that’s just gathering dust, and treat yourself to something stylish and new! You might just be surprised at how affordable it is to stock your home or office with a whole new set of furniture when purchasing from us. Plus, our products are not only affordable but also durable, so you’ll be enjoying your new chair, desk, or lamp for a long time to come. 
If you need to contact us, we’re available through email, live chat, and social media – and you can always expect a fast response time. Simply put, we’re the best choice for affordable, quality home and office furniture, and once you’ve ordered your first desk, chair, or LED lamp from us, we’re confident that you’ll agree.